The B2B meetings set a record
Apr 29

The B2B meetings set a record

The Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade visited Iran Expo 2024 on the third day of the exhibition.

Abbas Aliabadi, the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, said on Tuesday during his visit to the Iran Expo 2024: 'We have set a record in holding B2B meetings at the exhibition, such that there has been no precedent for this number of reciprocal business meetings since the revolution.'

According to the Public Relations of the Trade Development Organization, Aliabadi regarding the importance of this exhibition said: 'Iran Expo is the most important export event of the country, and this year, about 3,000 international merchants have attended Iran due to this event.'

He added: 'Iran Expo 2024 is a good opportunity for Iranian industrialists and merchants to develop their interactions, and for this reason, the exhibition was visited several times to assess the conditions and strengthen this important event.

The sixth exhibition of export capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Iran Expo 2024


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