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Welcome to the B2B Center at Iran Expo 2024, your gateway to seamless collaboration and partnership opportunities between foreign visitors and Iranian companies. Our mission is simple: to establish effective communication channels that bridge the gap between diverse business needs and innovative Iranian products.

At the B2B Center, we prioritize understanding the unique requirements of our international guests and aligning them with the offerings of Iranian enterprises. Through meticulous planning, we facilitate both face-to-face and online meetings tailored to the schedules and preferences of our visitors. From the pre-exhibition phase to the culmination of the event, the B2B Center remains dedicated to fostering meaningful connections. We're committed to introducing target companies and facilitating engagements that transcend borders and timelines.

Join us at Iran Expo 2024's B2B Center, where collaboration knows no bounds, and opportunities abound. Let's shape the future of global business together.

  • Receive requests
  • Choice of companies
  • Set up meetings
  • Assignment of translator
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You can schedule exclusive meetings with companies and exhibitors during the exhibition by completing the form below.

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Industrial Tours of Iran Expo 2024


Supply and Demand Matchmaking

Gathering and Categorizing information regarding the business needs of foreign visitors and then and aligning them with Iranian companies

Set Meetings

Arranging and Set Meetings between Visitors and Iranian Companies

Dedicated B2B Hall

Allocating a dedicated hall for meetings throughout the exhibition period

Translation Services

Providing specialized translators to 6Languages

Exhibition Tours of Iran Expo 2024

Embark on an illuminating journey through the heart of innovation and progress with our exclusive industrial tours. Join us as we traverse the vibrant landscapes of Iran's prominent industrial towns and cutting-edge science and technology parks. Each meticulously curated one-day tour offers a captivating glimpse into the dynamic world of manufacturing, engineering, and technological advancement.
Experience firsthand the ingenuity and expertise that drive these industries forward, as we explore state-of-the-art facilities and engage with visionary leaders shaping the future. But our journey doesn't end there. Amidst the bustling industrial hubs, we'll also uncover the cultural treasures and architectural marvels that adorn the enchanting cityscape of Tehran.
From captivating factory floors to iconic landmarks, our tours offer a perfect blend of intellectual discovery and cultural immersion. Join us and unlock the secrets of Iran's thriving industrial landscape while indulging in the rich tapestry of its cultural heritage. Your adventure awaits.

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Exhibition Tours of Iran Expo 2024
Iran Expo Exhibition Tours

Iran Expo Exhibition Tours

Step into the heart of Iran's Export Capabilities Exhibition, Iran Expo 2024, with our exclusive tour program! As a special feature of the B2B Center for this sixth edition, we're delighted to offer curated tours across various industrial sectors. From the second to the fifth day of the exhibition, both morning and evening sessions will be dedicated to these immersive experiences.
Join fellow entrepreneurs and delve into thematic categories including food and agriculture, health and hygiene, construction, chemicals and polymers, handicrafts and tourism, household appliances, mineral and metal industries, and more. Each tour offers a unique insight into the forefront of Iran's export prowess, showcasing top companies and cutting-edge innovations.
With at least 15 meticulously planned tours, there's something for every business interest. Stay tuned as we unveil the exact schedule, promising an enriching journey through the diverse landscape of Iran's industrial excellence. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to network, explore, and forge meaningful connections at Iran Expo 2024.

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Join us at Iran Expo 2024's B2B Center, where collaboration knows no bounds, and opportunities abound. Let's shape the future of global business together.

The sixth exhibition of export capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Iran Expo 2024


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